Recruitment Philosophy

Talents are the source power for the development of a company as well as the valuable treasures for the enterprise. In introduction, development and employment of talents, Junheng has been adhering to the principle of “Integrity Based, Attitude First, Ability Balanced, Function Oriented” for the mutual benefits of talent training and enterprise development.

When recruiting talents, the Company would propose specific work requirements and make recruitment decisions based on the performance of the candidates. Adjustment is further made after the entry of the staff. The Company has established a full set of consummated training, motivation and promotion mechanisms and provides superior development environments and humanized benefits for the staff.

While developing personal abilities, Junheng also attaches importance on team construction. Efforts are made to train the teamwork spirits of the staff, rationally allocate individual work of staff and highlight coordination on work of team members with the aim to construct production, sales and services teams that are united, mutually assisting, harmonious and advancing.